Articles 1 and 2



    The principal office for the transaction of the business of the corporation shall be in Madison County, Arkansas.



Section 1: Members

    There shall be three classes of members of this corporation, voting members, associate members, and supporting members. Supporting members are friends who have contributed to the well-being of Headwaters School. Supporting members may not vote on school proposals. Associate members may participate in school meetings and school business but may not vote on school proposals. Voting members are given one vote when a proposal is brought up for a vote from the membership.

Section 2: Qualification for Supporting Members

    A supporting member is an individual or corporation that has contributed to the school either by a material or service donation subject to acceptance by the voting members.

Section 3: Qualification for Associate Members

    An associate member must be either a parent of a Headwaters student, a Headwaters student, a Headwaters teacher, or a Headwaters alumnus. All prospective associate members must be accepted into the school by at least a 60% vote of the Headwaters voting members.

Section 4: Qualification for Voting Members

    An associate member is eligible to become a voting member after participating in Headwaters School for at least 1 year. The associate member must have attended at least 75% of the Headwaters School membership meetings over the 1-year period, or be a co-parent of a participating member who has attended at least 75% of the Headwaters School membership meetings for a 1 year period. After the 1-year associate membership, the associate member may petition the Headwaters voting membership to become a voting member. The associate member must receive at least a 60% affirmative vote of the voting membership to gain voting membership status.

Section 5: Dis-qualification and Re-qualification of Voting Members

    If a voting member, fails to participate in at least 75% of the Headwaters School membership meetings over a 1 year period or is not paid up on current membership and dues, their membership status is automatically changed to an associate member. Only voting members who have fully paid all required membership fees and dues may vote on school proposals. A voting member whose status has been changed to an associate member will automatically gain voting member status after participating in at least 60% of the Headwaters School membership meetings for a 1 year period, and paying all delinquent membership fees and dues in full.

Section 6: Revocation of Membership Status

    A member who has been acting to the detriment of the Corporation may have their membership status revoked subject to an 80% vote of the voting members.

Section 7: Annual Meeting

    The annual meeting of the members of this corporation shall be held on the second Sunday of September each year at 3:00 PM at the principal office of this corporation. No other notice of this meeting must be given if it is held as stated above. The board of directors may pass a resolution to conduct the annual meeting at another time and place. In this case, written notice of such a meeting must be delivered to all associate and voting members at least 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting date. This notice must be mailed to the last known address of each voting and associate member.

Section 8: Special Meetings

    Special meetings of the members of the corporation may be called at any time by the president of the corporation or a majority of the board of directors. Written notice of the time and place of special meetings must be given to voting and associate members in the same manner as for annual meetings.

    The transactions of any meeting of the members of this corporation, however called and noticed, shall be valid business of the corporation, so long as a quorum is present. Voting members may vote by absentee ballot at any meeting and such votes will be entered into the official minutes of the meeting.

Section 9: Quorum

    A quorum for any meeting shall consist of at least 1/2 of the members of the present board of directors.




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