Headwaters School is a community of students, teachers, parents, and friends living in the forests and headwaters of the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. With a vision of wide horizons and shared responsibilities, our stalwart goup build our first schoolhouse in 1976. Since then, faces around the school have changed, as has our schoolhouse, but we all still share great respect for the diversity and power of the human race and a love for the beauty of the mountains, streams, and forests. Headwaters School's high-energy clan seeks to live and promote love for all people and our precious environment.

If there were only one word to describe the Headwaters tone of life, it would have to be creative. Our daily lessons are compiled of numerous constructive group activities and games designed to encourage critical and creative thinking. Often these activities are made up by the students themselves. We are constantly amazed at the sheer level of creative intensity that they demonstrate.

Beyond the classroom, Headwaters is a community composed of artisans and craftspeople, who share a love of creative and inventive endeavours. We strive to kindle beauty through our everyday actions. Artisan carpenters, potters, painters, tile-artists, glass-blowers, musicians, organic gardeners and farmers, authors, seamstresses, jewelery designers, dancers, actors, playwrites, and other artists all grace the Headwaters facility throughout the school year, bringing with them their unique perspectives and energy.



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