You're invited to June Bug Jam 2014!!





What it is:

The June Bug Jam is the largest annual fundraiser for Headwaters School. We are a registered 501c-3 non-profit and depend upon our fund raisers to keep the school going. All proceeds from the festival will be used to maintain and improve the community facilities at Headwaters School. (Feel free to tour the facilities while your here!)

The "Jam"  is a fundraiser for Headwaters School, but it has a much deeper purpose:  to keep the heart of the community beating strong through shared experiences of love and fun amongst friends and family. Come be a part of our community, even if it's only for a day!







When: Saturday, June 14th. Gates open at 3p.m.




Where: At Headwaters School of course! The school is in Red Star, Arkansas, right on Hwy 16, 50 miles east of Fayetteville (15 miles east of Pettigrew, 15 miles west of Fallsville). Click here for a map.  




Cost: Admission is $5 per person, but kids 12 and under are FREE. Bring extra money for food, drinks, desserts, raffle tickets, and any (greatly appreciated) donations that you wish to make to help pay for a full afternoon of fun and to help support Headwaters.





Music & Activities:

Click here for a full list of activities . There are just too many to list on this page! Music, dancing, gymnastics... check it out!




Food & Drink:

Great food is a Headwaters tradition, and the June Bug Jam is no exception. Choose between the "down-to-earth" burrito (made to your taste), exotic lamb burgers, or gourmet Shiitake mushroom wraps. These gourmet offerings are made possible by donations from local members of the community who grow and process the food with the consciousness we love.

When you've had your fill of tasty gourmet food, stop by the dessert booth for outrageous and decadent desserts home-made by members of the Headwaters community. Your sweet-tooth will love you forever!

Plus, there'll be earthy sodas and organic juices hiding by the desserts... And coffee, should you need more energy for dancing!







What To Bring:

Bring your favorite lawn chairs (or blanket), sunscreen, water, whatever you need to be comfortable outside for an afternoon, money, and good cheer!









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