Hello, Everyone!

My name is Margaret, and I am honored to teach at Headwaters. My day is shared with Sara as my co-teacher. We concentrate on art and music. Headwaters has several benefits every year to raise much needed funds for the school. Sara, myself, and the kids perform songs, dances, skits, play music, etc. This involves much practice. Also, at the end of the school year in May, we put on a play which entails sewing our costumes and painting our sets. We all are stage crew and actors, and it is ever so much fun!

All ages attend our day. Enrollment varies greatly; sometimes there are twenty plus, and sometimes six.


I have been involved with Headwaters since 1984 when Galen (my oldest son) first started attending. He was seven at the time. All of my 4 sons have gone to Headwaters. I first started by helping Tara, a wonderous person who taught for many years when she had her daughter Molly. I helped Tara for fifteen or so years until I ventured off with a day of my own shared with Sara, our main theme being art and music. (Sara teaches violin, penny whistle, guitar, mandolin, etc.)

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