As an educational institution, the goal of Headwaters has always been to support our students in their lifelong quest for understanding and knowledge. We approach education as a process of nurturing and developing the natural inquisitive and creative aspects that are unique to every human being. We follow the creative interests of each student and strive to provide the best tools at the right time for nuturing and furthering those interests.

We realize, however, that each of our indivual students exists within the context of the larger community. Accordingly, we provide guidance from birth through adult years, and strive to support and enhance parent/child and child/child relationships via multi-generational involvement in both educational and community activities. We seek to encourage these group and social activities, while providing the resources for positive group interactions and, when necessary, peaceful conflict resolution.

Headwaters School is in itself a community, but it exists within the context of much larger communities. Our goal as an organization is to use and develop our talents and resources so that we may expand the educational and cultural resources of our communities and planet at large.

The Headwaters community also has a strong environmental consciousness. We understand the delicate balance of life on our planet, and realize the impacts that our 21st century culture is having on the earth. We propose that all education is environmental education, for it is what is included or excluded, emphasized or ignored, that teaches students that they are either a part of, or separate from, the natural world. As responsible citizens of our planet, we therefore work with our students to ensure an appreciation for the natural wonder of our planet and an active environmental consciousness. We diligently work together to promote an environmentally sound future.



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