Headwaters is a private non-profit school, with a one-room schoolhouse environment. Most day-students are registered as homeschoolers, and while parents are primarily responsible for their child's education, Headwaters provides support, facilities, and group activities that are otherwise not available to these children.

Headwaters functions as a multi-aged, mixed interest group of students cooperating with each other, with teachers, and with parents on interdisciplinary projects. Interests and abilities determine a student's level of involvement. Students participate in a variety of activities ranging from group science projects to solo creative writing tasks to yoga. They are encouraged to participate in any activity that they are capable of, and many times older students will assist younger students with projects that the young ones cannot do themselves. (With the varying ages, however, it is often the younger students will have to have a recess break before the project is completely finished!) While they may not be as "perfect" as some of the older students may like, the products of these group projects are reflections of the diversity of ages, tastes, and experiences of all the Headwaters kids. As such, they are priceless.

Headwaters School is not just for homeschoolers. Homeshoolers, preschoolers, public school students, and friends participate freely in all school activities. Regular school meetings and events develop social skills and provide forums for peaceful conflict resolution and consensus building.

We also sponsor community education programs providing everything from computer-based information management to Earth-living skills development. We continue to expand our educational network, and hope to continue to exchange students with other community schools around the world.



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